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Former Homeless Man Loses Redondo Beach House Over Porn-For-Rent Dispute

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Bad times all around in Redondo Beach, where a formerly homeless man named Gary Kaiser was able, briefly, to rent a house just a block from the Esplanade, reportedly after coming into a family inheritance. From September to January, police were called to Kaiser's place on 59 occasions, reports the Daily Breeze, and this week he was ordered to stay at least 250 feet away from his now-former home. When he was homeless, Kaiser was famous for playing his trumpet on the Redondo Beach pier (in 2006 he was ticketed for same), and he's continued to play day and night, according to neighbors. In December, he threatened a woman with a knife because she requested firm terms (warning: auto audio) in their agreement to trade rent for the production of a video of him spanking her. In October, he shot off a locked door handle with a .22 caliber rifle. (The paper mentions a mental health evaluation, but not the outcome.) Kaiser has been in jail since February 15 and owes the justice system a few more days, but his landlord has already moved his stuff out of his old house. [Kaiser via Daily Breeze]
· Court orders Redondo Beach trumpet player Kaiser to stay away from neighborhood [Daily Breeze]