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Huntington Beach Lion Lover, Bear Wrestler Awaits Sentencing

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Images via OC Register
We first met Dominic Menaldi, owner of a Huntington Beach castle-like who has been fighting with the city over the lion heads and shields adorning the walls surrounding his house, back in 2009. (Menaldi caught our eye because not only is he in trouble with the city, but he's famously known for a 1999 wrestling match with Dakota, an 800-pound grizzly bear.) Today's Orange County Register checks in with the city's case against Menaldi, and reports that he is to be sentenced for the offensive decorations on his house. More: "It was a year ago in May that Dominic Menaldi was found guilty of defacing city property in connection with the protruding objects....

'We have instructed Mr. Menaldi as to what is to be done to the wall: Change the color to light gray per the sample provided to him by our building department, remove the blocks on top of the wall and remove the shields,' Assistant City Attorney Daniel Ohl says." Free Menaldi!
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