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Bev Hills Kronish House Listing Now Mentions Neutra, Shows House

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The word "Neutra" has finally shown up in the listing for the Richard Neutra-designed Kronish House! When the property came on the market a couple weeks ago, the listing referred to the "existing single story mid century home" and included only aerial photos and a lot map. (We dug up a few old photos.) Now it has a handful of presumably current photos and new copy that reads "Bring your client to update this one of a kind Neutra single story residence." Eyewitness reports from commenters say the 1955 house is in bad shape, but it is large (6,891 square feet) and it does have a pool. Either way, a buyer will end up with a two acre flag lot off Sunset and an occasional next door neighbor named Madonna. Asking price remains $13.995 million; Beverly Hills preservation laws remain lax.
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Kronish House

9439 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA