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Build Your Own Period LA

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How many sources does it take to digitally build a forties-era Los Angeles? Let us count the ways: 1. WPA maps from the Huntington Library; 2. US Geological Survey topographic information; 3. UCLA's Spence Air Photos collection; 4. 180,000 of UCLA's news photos; 5. LAPD veteran interviews; 6. Props from Sunset Studios; 7. Costumes from Western Costume Co.; and 8. Period firemen's clothing from the LAFD museum. And when it's done, you can do what one production designer for video game "LA Noire" does: "I go to Pershing Square and watch the secretaries eating lunch. Or I just drive. It's so relaxing. And if you're in a bad mood, you can go find some murder cases." [LAT]