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Gallery Lofts Opens Its Sales Office, Gensler Doing KCET

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Some dinner, honey? A model kitchen
MARINA DEL REY: Pah-tay down in Marina Del Rey! Tomorrow is the day new owner ST Residential kicks off sales for its Gallery Lofts, the former Glencoe Lofts project. To generate buzz, ST Residential is opening a pop up gallery from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, featuring work by William Eggleston, Barbara Kruger, and David Hockney. Additionally, the building will be a satellite stop on this year’s Venice Garden & Home Tour on May 7. More on this project to come...[Curbed InBox]

SILVER LAKE: And we have confirmation. A spokesperson for the Church of Scientology says that yes, Gensler, longtime architect of the Church of Scientology, will be doing the renovations on the KCET building. The sale of the building to the Church was just announced yesterday. [Curbed Inbox]

Gallery Lofts

130 S. Hewitt St., Los Angeles, CA