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Griffith Park Bear's Outfitter Revealed! (But Not Unmasked)

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St. Patrick's Day image via sharpeworld; yesterday's Easter frock via God Is Patient (I Am Not)

NPR's "All Things Considered" has managed to identify, but not unmask, the woman behind the Griffith Park Bear's recent wardrobe changes. The culprit is Captain Hook, a local writer, actress, and yarn bomber who was raised on a commune in the seventies (her accomplices include seamstress Vanessa XKiller). In a video, the Captains says "I want it to look like this bear has a grandma that just won't stop making it ridiculous clothes that it has to wear." NPR follows her as, in full daylight, she sews a crocheted hoodie shrug onto the statue for St. Patrick's Day (it was going to be a full body glove, but she ran out of time). The green getup was the bear's tenth outfit; he has since been dressed up in Easter finery. And maybe inspired by our Photoshop bombing, Captain Hook wants to make a scarf for a Rudolph Valentino bust (probably the one in DeLongre Park) and has her eye on a dolphin statue in Santa Monica.

Crochet On A Bear Statue from Jennifer Sharpe on Vimeo.

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