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Church of Scientology Says KCET Building Will Be Restored, Used As "Media Hub"

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SILVER LAKE: Big real estate day in Silver Lake! Shortly after news broke that the Church of Scientology was acquiring the KCET studio lot in Hollywood, a statement was issued by the Church, saying the group intends to keep using the site as a broadcasting studio. Additionally, renovations of the 1912 KCET studio lot are planned.

"This new studio is a turnkey setup that provides the Church the means to move into broadcasting for both the religion and its many social betterment and humanitarian programs," read the release. "It is also ideally set up to establish a central media hub for our network of Churches around the world." Meanwhile, the statement also says that the facility is close to a recording studio the Church owns in Silver Lake. Who knew?

Architecture firm Gensler has been the project architect on many of their buildings. A Gensler spokesperson couldn't immediately say whether the firm would be working on this building. Also, no word if the Church will be putting up a big Vegas-style sign on its building. [Curbed Staff]