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Keep the Meter Running: Friends Taking Taxi from NYC to LA

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To celebrate his birthday, 31-year-old investment banker John Belitsky hired a taxi driver to take him and a pal from New York to Los Angeles, reports the New York Post. Belitsky paid Mohammed Alam $5,000 for the one-way trip. It's not clear how they're getting back, but right now the group is in Vegas. And it sounds like they're having fun! From the story:

"I'm very hardworking," Pakistani-born Alam said. "I don't care about the money. I came because it's a new thing. Driving is always hard, but I know how to drive. "And this beats Manhattan.".... Alam said his wife cried when he broke the news of his epic plans.

"First, she was mad," he said. "Now it's OK." The cost of the trip is estimated to be about $17,000, according to WHDH-TV, which has video of the trio.
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