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So Where Are We on the Wilshire Bus Lane? Latest Proposal Now Out

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Metro released their latest environmental impact report on the Wilshire bus lane project, which would make a lane on Wilshire bus-only during rush hour (excluding segments in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica). The Source reports that after much back-and-forth, including residents requesting the project be dropped in Condo Canyon and Brentwood, Metro planners are recommending to the full board of directors that the lanes extend 7.7 miles, from just west of downtown to La Cienega, but dropped in Condo Canyon, and then picked back up in Westwood and extending 1.8 miles through Brentwood. The lanes would decrease crosstown bus commutes--there are more people traveling by bus than car on Wilshire during rush-hour--by about 11 minutes, but increase car travel time by six. Not only does the board have to approve the plan, but also city and county officials.
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