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Wallace Neff Singer Sewing Estate in Glendora to Be Auctioned Off

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The Wallace Neff-designed Albourne Rancho, aka the Singer Mansion, is sort of Glendora's answer to the Spellings' Manor--the 1.6 acres property includes a gift-wrapping room, a china storage room, Glendora's first schoolhouse, and zoning for four horses. The house was built in 1932 as a winter estate for Arthur K. Bourne, son of the president of the Singer Corporation and a repeat Neff client. The current owner spent several years renovating and has been trying to sell since since last June, but now she's really itching to get rid of it--following an estate sale next weekend, the house is set to be sold at auction in early May.

In addition to ribbon and plate storage, the Albourne Rancho has 13 bedrooms (including a five room master suite), 10 bathrooms, a butler's pantry, a wine cellar, an art gallery, a billiards room, a guesthouse, a two bedroom gate house, a lap pool and spa, and more than 6,500 roses, according to the LA Times. Its website says it's also full of "secret hiding places, and wrought iron gates that pull out of walls and windows" that were put in at the height of Lindbergh baby panic.

According to the website, the Albourne Rancho has been owned by four individuals and two monastic orders. If you'd like to join that company, the current asking price is $5.299 million, and there'll be an auction on May 7.
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