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Big Jump in Eagle Rock, Kappe on Sci-Arc Sale

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EAGLE ROCK: A tipster passes on urgent word concerning that three-bedroom in Eagle Rock that hit the market earlier this month for $749,000. It just sold for $925,000. Nice jump! [Redfin]

DOWNTOWN: Architect Ray Kappe has issued a statement on the Sci-Arc sale, which was announced today. Let's listen in. "When I founded SCI-ARC in the Fall of 1972, with our six dynamic faculty and 75 commited students, it was always my goal to develop our school into one of the best in the country and to own our building. We accomplished the former in just a few years, achieving early accreditation and an international reputation, but it has taken us almost 40 years to achieve building ownership.

I congratulate all the members of the team who worked to make it possible. Special recognition should be given to Ian Robertson, past Chairman of the Board, who brought the building to my attention when I was heading up the search committee. He also engineered the million dollar grant that we received from the city of Los Angeles. I am especially happy that we are buying the building downtown that we wanted, and did not have to compromise. May SCI-ARC continue to flourish." [Curbed InBox]