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Hotel Plans In the Works for Blighted Silver Lake Church?

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Reported earlier in Eater and now The Eastsider LA, local resident Dana Hollister is working on taking over the abandoned and decrepit Pilgrim Church in Silver Lake, just north of Sunset Junction at Griffith Park Blvd. and Lucile. Hollister--who is behind neighborhood establishments like Cliff's Edge and Bar 4100 and worked on an attempted rebirth of the Bates Hotel--hopes to convert the 80-year-old church into a 21-room hotel and restaurant. But Hollister's plans sound definitely iffy: Her press rep announced the news, but then Hollister didn't return phone calls to Curbed on the matter. (Also, at this point, she doesn't own the church.) If it does move forward, neighborhood resistance is almost a given; comments on the Eater post foretell a parking, traffic, and booze-fueled apocalypse but Hollister tells the Eastsider her project will be "conservative and appropriate."
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Pilgrim Church

1629 Griffith Park Blvd., Los Angeles, CA