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How Majestic is Lobbying Against AEG's NFL Stadium

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Given that AEG and Majestic have competing NFL stadium proposals, it's little surprise that some very expensive lobbyists are working for both companies. And now a Los Angeles Weekly cover story takes a look at San Pedro-based lobbyist John Ek, who was hired by Ed Roski earlier this year to convince the NFL to head to Industry. The paper suggests City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, one of the few politicians to question the stadium, is just being fed information by Majestic's lobbyist John Ek, which perhaps isn't entirely surprising. But from the paper, a funny example of how this plays out:

"Publicly, Majestic officials have said they won't do anything to try to stop AEG's project. But privately, it's a different story. Ek raised concerns about the AEG proposal by giving council members a five-page list of 44 questions, which L.A. Weekly has obtained.

Any doubts about Ek's clout were erased shortly after he distributed his list to council members. Councilman Rosendahl issued his own list of questions about the AEG proposal — and his list bore a striking resemblance to Ek's. In fact, many questions are taken verbatim.

Majestic: "Will the stadium developer agree to never sell/refinance the project until the bonds are paid off?"

Rosendahl: "Will the developer agree to never sell/refinance the project until the bonds are paid off?"

Majestic: "The L.A. Auto Show controls the entire convention center nearly the whole month of November; will we have football or the L.A. Auto Show?"

Rosendahl: "The L.A. Auto Show occupies the entire Convention Center nearly the whole month of November, which is football season. How will the two coexist?"

Meanwhile, Rosendahl's spokesman, Tony Arranaga, denies that the councilman used those Majestic questions. But the Weekly isn't buying it. And then they get in a dig at the Times. "Times columnist Steve Lopez praised [Rosendahl's] "inquiring mind." Rosendahl never had to acknowledge that his research was provided by Majestic's lobbyist." Anschutz Company's Phil Anschutz, left; Magestic's Ed Roski, upper right
· How Lobbyist John Ek Gets His Way at City Hall [LA Weekly]