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New Park Will Run Right Down the Middle of San Vicente Boulevard

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This is one of those things East Coast people are going to mock us for, isn't it? A new park planned for Mid-Wilshire will run down the (already greened) median of San Vicente Boulevard, from Fairfax to Pico, to encourage people to actually play in traffic. The Park La Brea News reports that the park will have a grove of trees and a plaque at each end, trees throughout, a decomposed granite pathway, and seating areas made from gabion boxes ("wire mesh boxes filled with decorative stones"). Most of the improvements will made at the widest parts of the median, between Hauser and Pico. The plan comes from City Councilmember Herb Wesson, LA Neighborhood Initiatives, and the Mid-City West, Olympic Park, and Pico neighborhood councils, and the money will come from the Community Redevelopment Agency and the neighborhood councils. Work will probably start this summer and be finished by the end of the year.
· Medians Will Provide Green Oasis in Urban Setting [Park La Brea News]