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Chateau Marmont Bans Guest For Tweeting Bad Celeb Behavior

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At the Chateau Marmont, no one blinks when a guest does an eightball or motorcycle wheelies in the halls. As the hotel's own website says--via a quote from Columbia Pictures founder Harry Cohn--"If you must get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont." There is, apparently, only one rule at the Chateau: don't tweet about model Rachel Hunter acting crazy at dinner. A few weeks ago, blogger Jenn Hoffman was at the hotel's restaurant when Hunter started singing, yelling, and doing splits during the dinner service. Hoffman mentioned it on Twitter, and the next time she called for a restaurant reservation she was told she wasn't welcome back. Eventually, a manager told her she was banned from the Chateau for one year for tweeting about a guest. Funnily enough, a 2007-era Britney Spears was banned from the hotel for "acting weird."
· Banned from Chateau Marmont for Tweeting [Jenn Hoffman, via]

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