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Foreclosed Neutra in Beverly Hills Being Sold as a Teardown

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Left: NCSU; right: Architectural Digest

That sound you hear in the distance is the pounding hoofbeat of Beverly Hills' lax preservation policies, which could be ready to ride into town again very soon. A tipster lets us know that Richard Neutra's 1955 Kronish House is for sale, with the listing emphasizing the land's "huge upside potential as a major estate." Apparently the house is in bad shape and according to Redfin it was foreclosed on in January at $5.8 million. The Kronish is nearly 7,000 square feet on just about two acres (with a pool), and while it has a Sunset address, it's actually set back off the street with a 250 foot driveway. The listing advises potential buyers to "Bring your contractor to remodel the existing single story mid century home or build your dream home," but that first part seems a bit half-hearted, considering the name "Neutra" isn't mentioned at all (and that the only shots of the house are aerials). Lots of Beverly Hills land and a structure by some guy named Nootra or Voytra or something: $13.995 million.
· 9439 SUNSET [Redfin]

Kronish House

9439 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA