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Hollywood Sign Traffic Inspires Snobby HOA Board Member Rant

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Today the Wall Street Journal visits Hollywoodland to check in on the Hollywood Sign squabbles Curbed wrote about in February and March. There have been lots of accusations and threats from neighbors on both sides of the dispute over where to direct tourists to view the Hollywood Sign (City Councilmember Tom LaBonge told the paper, "I didn't have the Jimmy Carter in me to bring these two different groups together"), and in some cases things have gotten a little out of hand. In February, one homeowner wrote to thank the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association board for putting up signs directing tourists away from dead-end Deronda Drive (a new HHA board took them down weeks later), and the WSJ mentions that he received a very peeved, rather snobbish email in response. Luckily for you, multiple sources forwarded that email to us. In the email, the board member sniffs at the other homeowner's "little house," refers to his/her own as an "iconic Hollywoodland landmark," and calls some of the HHA board "brain dead." But that's not the half of it...

Here's the full email:

My dear Mr Smith,?? I am in receipt of your email blast.

I must say that you wouldn't be so happy and upbeat if you paid $7 million for your little house on Deronda Drive and had all those diesel fueled tour busses and tourists screaming, yelling and blocking access to your house. ?

You wouldn't be so grateful to a minuscule number of brain dead Hollywoodland Board of Directors if you had to watch these clowns bus by bus and car by car blocking traffic and milling about underneath your bedroom window creating the climate for a disastrous fire hazard by throwing lit cigarette butts and having to smell the smoke from reefer, crack and heroin wafting through your iconic Hollywoodland landmark house.?

Basically Mr. Smith the nightmarish bullshit you have been complaining about on Deronda has been re-routed to my street to street acreage encompassing both Mulholland Highway and Durand Drive and affecting not only my property and its value but over 20 other high profile single family residences along Mulholland Highway.?

I am beyond angry about this nonsense so don't be surprised Mr. Smith when you read about another lawsuit against the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Los Angeles just for this specific action.

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