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Bond Stallage Could Mean Delays for Expo, Orange, 405 Projects

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More stress from Sacramento: The Daily News reports that the state, currently in a never-ending financial spiral, is delaying the sale of bonds that are crucial to the completion of numerous LA transportation endeavors, including under-construction projects like the 405 carpool lane through the Sepulveda pass, the Orange Line busway extension in the West Valley, and Expo Line light-rail from downtown to Culver City. Because of the money woes, Governor Jerry Brown postponed a spring bond sale until the fall, but that sale could be canceled if voters don't approve tax extensions during November elections (or if lawmakers don't even manage to get the issue on the ballot). The bonds were supposed to generate $573 million for L.A. County. Representatives from Metro say the three projects are endangered, but would mostly likely be completed since they're so far along (Expo and Orange Line finish next year, and the carpool lane in 2013); money would be shifted from other projects that haven't broke ground yet (the Wilshire subway?). More info from The Source.
· State's Financial Crisis Could Cut Off Funding [Daily News]