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Please Look North and Welcome Curbed Seattle, Eater Seattle

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Some of us here at Curbed LA once lived in Seattle...and still miss our days of tramping around the Victorian homes of Queen Anne and the coffee shops of Fremont. So, it's with much excitement we announce...Curbed Seattle! Headed by Kelly Skahan and launching right this second, the site will join Curbed National, Curbed NY, Curbed LA, Curbed SF, Curbed Hamptons, Curbed Chicago, and Curbed DC on our shared quest for complete and utter domination of real estate and neighborhood news on the web. (And perhaps maybe soon...Curbed/Eater Abu Dhabi! Joking! For now.)

In other news, the Eater sphere expands, too, with today's launch of Eater Seattle, which casts wider the Eater net that presently includes Eater National, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Miami, Austin, and DC.
· Seattle Curbed [Official Site]
· Seattle Eater [Official Site]