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Handcrafted, Rock-Lined Dungeon in Cahuenga Pass's Tile House

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This 4,500 square foot house in the Cahuenga Pass wasn't the Tile House when George Ehling bought it in 1967. The now-84 year old has spent the intervening years making it the Tile House, covering it in mosaics of found objects, including beer bottles and pieces of marble, and excavating the river rocks for this "dungeon apartment" from his own backyard. (Design group Design East of La Brea visited the Tile House earlier this month.) The apartment has views of the Hollywood Sign and comes furnished, and according to the LA Times is "bigger than a studio and smaller than a one bedroom." Ehling, who's worked as an actor, a studio carpenter, and a wrestler called Cowboy Cassidy, has been renting out the unit for five years now. Rent is $1,350 a month.
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