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How to Pay for that Green Line People Mover to LAX?

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The Los Angeles Times reports on what the so-called "people mover" for the Green Line--the light rail line that almost gets to LAX, but not quite--may might look like. Right now, there's talk of originating the mover from the stop at Aviation and Century boulevards, with some people suggesting that price tag of such an project would cost $600 million. But budgeted by Metro is just $200 million, although the airport may pitch in. Time for City Councilman Paul Koretz's pod idea, perhaps? More from the paper:

"It's unclear exactly what the people mover would look like. Atlanta's airport has one of the more successful such systems, a subway-like tram line with seven stops throughout the airport. Denver's airport adopted a similar system.

Michael Molina, a deputy executive director for Los Angeles World Airports, said officials were committed to bringing passengers from the rail station into LAX but were still unsure what plans to pursue. He said the concept of a people mover was being studied as part of the airport's specific plan and expected staff to have recommendations by next year."
· Rail service plan for LAX still has hurdles [LAT]