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It Sure Ain't Easy Being the Green Line

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More on the Green Line, which is trying to stretch itself not only to LAX, but also south to Torrance, much to the chagrin of some locals. The Daily Breeze reports that a community meeting held last week in Lawndale on the South Bay extension didn't go that great for Metro (Neon Tommy reports that some people speaking in support of the line were booed by locals). Most of the crowd appeared dead-set against the extension -- which would run at-grade along a freight train right of way -- claiming a loss of property values and noise and safety issues (there's a fear of both accidents and crime). Metro is considering only extending the line 1.7 miles south to terminate at the South Bay Galleria (the full proposed extension is 4.6 miles), but many locals are opposed to that option too. An environmental impact report is expected in early 2012. [Daily Breeze/Neon Tommy]