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"Survivor" Host Buys Gene Autry's "Flying A" Estate in Studio City

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The estate of Gene Autry, who owned the Angels and founded the Museum of the American West, has sold his five bedroom house in Fryman Canyon to "Survivor" host Jeff Probst, who makes people drink cow blood for TV. According to the Real Estalker, Autry's widow donated the "Flying A" estate to the Autry National Center after Autry's death, but the org couldn't get it rezoned to use as a museum. So, the property went on the market in August 2010, asking $6.9 million and showing off its cowboy chic decor (available for just a few more pieces of silver). In November, it was chopped by a million. Probst picked it up this month for $5 million. And he's crazy if he lets those steer horns over the flatscreen leave that house.
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