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Bela Lugosi's Late-Life House in Beachwood Canyon Now a Fixer

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Bela Lugosi was obviously quite secure in his typecasting; he didn't need to go living in a Schindler to prove a point. You could certainly picture some dramatic lightning striking above this 1926 house in Beachwood Canyon, where Lugosi lived in the forties, according to the Movieland Directory. Imagine him stalking through the five bedrooms and four bathrooms, bay windowed dining room, or "ballroom sized living rm," cape lifted and teeth bared. Or feasting on a maid in the butler's pantry or service wing. Ok, he probably wasn't that committed. The house, which the listing calls "Castle La Paloma," hasn't been on the market in more than 40 years, and is "an amazing restoration opportunity. Asking price is $2.367 million.
· 2835 WESTSHIRE Dr [Redfin]