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Possible First In-N-Out Demolished to Make Way For Replica

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Demo by Rachel Luna via SGVT; inset via Googiesque

In-N-Out has ordered the "Downey Johnie's" off the secret menu--that'd be one unexpected demolition of a historic restaurant, animal style. On Monday, the company started bulldozing the location in Baldwin Park that's believed to be its first. City officials were caught off guard by the demo, although the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that "low-level staffers had signed off on the permits." The first In-N-Out restaurant was built in 1948, but was moved several years later when the 10 freeway came through. Baldwin Park's mayor says In-N-Out co-founder Esther Snyder told him that it had been moved to the site that was flattened this week. In-N-Out closed the location in 2004 and built a new restaurant nearby; it planned to restore the old building and turn it into a museum. Now it says it'll build a replica of the old In-N-Out instead.
· Historic Baldwin Park In-N-Out demolished; city officials say company plans to build replica in its honor [SGVT]