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On His Birthday, Places Charlie Chaplin Actually Lived (We Think)

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We know just how much listing agents and landlords love to name-drop Charlie Chaplin, and the tales are mostly completely made up. But the man had to live somewhere, and in honor of his birthday tomorrow, here are a few places where he actually did spend the night (at least according to the Movieland Directory, which is usually pretty reliable).

Moorcrest, 6147 Temple Hill Dr. Chaplin lived in this bananas Moorish mansion in Beachwood Canyon in the 1920s. The house was built as part of the Theosophist Krotona Colony, and after Chaplin, was home to Mary Astor. It was on the market in 2006, but doesn't appear to have sold.

1085 Summit Dr. This house in Beverly Hills, where Chaplin lived in the thirties and forties, is referred to as the "Breakaway House" because it was built on the cheap by studio carpenters. According to Redfin, it was renovated in 1970.

711 N. Beverly Dr. According to the Movieland Directory, Chaplin lived in this Beverly Hills house in the forties with Oona O'Neill. The house was for sale off and on from 2007 to 2010, but doesn't look to have ever sold.

Patio del Moro, 8225 Fountain Ave. Chaplin and Paulette Godard are said to have had adjoining units at this West Hollywood building, which was designed by Nina and Arthur Zwebell. The attached apartments were for rent back in 2009.

7219 Hampton Ave. According to the website for the Normandie Towers in West Hollywood (warning: plays music!), Chaplin built this complex and it was home to the usual list of old Hollywood names: Jean Harlow, Douglas Fairbanks, Buster Keaton, Theda Bar. We'd take those claims with a grain of salt, but the Movieland Directory says Chaplin lived here "pre-1920s."

814 Alpine Dr. Chaplin lived here in the late thirties and early forties, with then-wife Paulette Goddard, who is rumored to have cheated on him with Wallace Neff after she hired the architect to do a little work. That scandal almost makes all the bogus Chaplin listings worth it.
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