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Joshua Tree Shipping Container House Ready to Go In a Week

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Photos by Jack Parsons Photography "Our project was approved and permitted in just one week," says contractor Eric Engheben in a press release about this container house hybrid project in Joshua Tree. We're told that ecotechdesign, which built the house for a client, has figured out its way around San Bernardino County permitting, and uses a shipping container-based design to put things together quickly. The house is composed of five shipping containers on a steel frame (for strength), and is totally off-the-grid. It's made from recycled steel and has a living roof with native plantings and greywater irrigation, a shade canopy to cut down on sun and wind assaults, and two big water tanks (one 3,000 gallon, one 10,000 gallon). A breezeway separates a studio from the main house, and inside, there're solar daylight tubes, recycled container floors, and radiant heating and cooling.
· ecotechdesign [Official Site]