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What Comes Around Goes, a Fancier Alternative to Wacko, More

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HOLLYWOOD: Vintage shop What Comes Around Goes Around is moving out of Space 15 Twenty and down to First and La Brea, and an employee tells Racked it's because the Urban Outfitters mini-mall "just wasn't the best fit."

INDIO: Coachella will get ugly, people. Expect headdresses, man cleavage, and floral romper/cowboy boot combos. So many floral romper/cowboy boot combos.

LOS FELIZ: Los Feliz's Confederacy is going all men's at the end of this month, and women's stuff is now being marked down. There will still be something left for the lady's, though--the store is opening up a Rebecca Minkoff popup with clothes, bags, and shoes.

LOS FELIZ: Eclectic tchotchke shop Spitfire Girl has opened a new location in Los Feliz, and Racked says it feels like a more sophisticated version of new neighbor Wacko. Besides ceramic unicorn heads, kitty prints, and other oddities, the store is also selling books and jewelry.
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