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Better Shelter's Effie Street Bungalow Sells for Asking

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This Silver Lake bungalow first made its debut on Curbed back in 2009. At that time, numerous commenters dismissed the diminutive domicile as a teardown, with one critic comparing it to a shanty in a Brazilian favela. Two months later, the news that the home had been purchased for $250,000 by the flipsters at Better Shelter elicited a similarly negative response. Well, what a difference a year (and a few months) makes. After being put through the BetterShelterizer, the former two-bedroom, one-bath, 672-square-foot shanty is now a glossy two-bedroom, two-bath, 909-square-foot lovenest. Listed on March 3 for $599,000, it went into escrow two days later, closing April 4 at a final sale price of $600,000.
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