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Marble-Enhanced Paul Williams in Beverly Hills

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This five-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath traditional in the flats of Beverly Hills was designed by Paul Williams in 1924; its listing notes, however, that it has been "sensitively updated/expanded over the years." Admittedly, we couldn't find any photos of the property in its original state, but it seems safe to conjecture that the home's mirrored walls, trompe l'oeil murals, and--oh yes--its marble columns and bathrooms are among the aforementioned updates. Last sold in 2004 for $5.5 million, it's now listed at $7.75 million. And that's about all we have to say about the 6,000-square-foot residence, though we do have one nagging question: What's inside the urn?
· 713 N ALPINE Dr [Redfin]