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No One Noticed 1920s Actress's Star Went Missing 40 Years Ago

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[Star via LA Times]

Actress, dancer, and singer Marilyn Miller shot to fame in Florenz Ziegfeld's Broadway shows, co-starred in a film with W.C. Fields, had Jack Pickford as one of three husbands, and died in 1936 at just 37 years old. She was one of the biggest Broadway stars of the twenties, and it's said that her stage name was the inspiration for Marilyn Monroe's. But now Miller's so obscure that no one noticed her Walk of Fame star was missing for forty years. The Daily News reports that Ana Martinez of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce says she "received a call [Monday] from a nervous man who said he had a Walk of Fame star, which he claimed someone had given to him." His wife had been planning to make the 300 pound slab into a patio table. The star was Miller's--it had been taken out of its space at Hollywood and Vine in the seventies, along with several others, to make room for the astronauts' tribute. All of those stars were supposed to be destroyed and replaced, but many went missing. Jimmy Stewart and Kirk Douglas's stars were recovered, but nobody even realized that Miller's was gone until now. The man ended up returning the star--it'll be kept in the chamber's archives, and Miller will finally get a few minutes of twenty-first century notoriety.
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