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San Gabriel Cats and Dogs Evicting Rabbits Just In Time For Easter

People, don't push the rabbits, this is how "Night of the Lepus" situations happen. The San Gabriel Valley Humane Society is evicting its sublessor, Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue, on May 31, about a month after Easter, reports the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Zooh's president, Alexandra Logsdon, says the shelter, which is one of very few no-kill rabbit shelters in the area, is being evicted to make room for more cats and dogs. Most shelters euthanize rabbits in three to five days. Right now, Zooh boards about 45 bunnies, but volunteers are frantically driving the little guys out of state to save their lives. The May 31 eviction date leaves just enough time after Easter for parents who were charmed by cuteness at the holiday to start getting grossed out by their new pets' inability to stop pooping everywhere. (To add insult to impulse-pet-buying injury, pet store salesmen sometimes tell buyers that their new bunnies need a friend--after a few months, the pair often become more than friends. According to the paper, one woman turned in 42 babies last year!) Two shelters, including Zooh, are having adoption fairs in the next few weeks, so if you must have your own, please buy used.
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