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Azusans Worried Gold Line Parking Structure Will Overpower Park

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Some Azusans are concerned that a planned four-story parking structure for the Gold Line is a "monster" that will stomp all over its innocent neighbors. The Gold Line Foothill Extension will come through in 2013 or 2014, and Azusa plans to build a 520 space garage on a 43,848 square foot footprint in the city's civic center, with 200 spaces for the Gold Line, 200 for a Foothill Transit park and ride, and 120 for City Hall and the rest of the civic center, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. The structure would take a bite out of neighbor Veterans Freedom Park and more park space would be added elsewhere. A group led by a former planning commissioner is protesting, saying the structure will be bad for traffic, businesses, and library and museum access, and that "the park's image would be forever changed with a parking structure casting shadows over its lawn." One member of the group calls the lot a "monster" and worries that it will add to the homeless people using the park. Originally, the city thought about putting the structure north of Veterans Freedom Park, but now it wants to develop retail in that area. [Godzilla via Adventures of Batman]
· Park, parking structure may have to co-exist to make way for Gold Line [SGVT]