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Mar Vista's Beethoven is Hopping With New Projects

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MAR VISTA: A reader who noticed that post about the new Beethoven project sends in the above pic and writes: "After reading last weeks post on the small lot development at 3964 Beethoven, I stopped by since I live in the area. I noticed a similar small lot project two doors down at 3974 Beethoven. Someone on the construction staff informed my it should be completed in mid-June and is apparently designed by Killefer Flammang....the project's website is Seems like a lot of movement on a small Mar Vista street."

And from the web site: "FOUR is four fee simple single family homes on Beethoven Street in Mar Vista, CA. Designed by award winning Killefer Flammang Architects, our homes feature a modern warm design built with quality sustainable materials and fixtures.

Each home at FOUR is completely independent, and shares no common walls with the others. They were developed under the City of Los Angeles Small Lot Ordinance, which allows the construction of fee simple, infill housing on small lots in multi-family zones as smart growth alternatives to suburban sprawl."