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Yesterday's CicLAVia Event: Bigger, But No Word on Final Count

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The Los Angeles Times believes yesterday's CicLAVia event was bigger than the first event last fall, while the official CicLAVia web site states that the crowds were "easily double that of last October." (Last year's event drew about 100,000.) Streetsblog says the event is "fast becoming the largest car-free party in the country," while The Source also has some good pictures. And how to make it even better? The official CicLAvia site asks for feedback. While everyone seems mighty pleased--again--about being able to play in the streets, one takeaway we've heard yesterday is echoed in this comment on the web site: "A note: Something I observed was that pedestrians got a little crowded out of the race by the sheer number of bikes. It seems like a really pedestrian-friendly event in theory, but so many people were on their bikes that it made it hard to walk on the roadway itself. Definitely not a bad thing that a lot of people were riding bikes, but it just seems like a logistical hurdle to overcome if the intent is to involve more non-bicycling participants." Also, we've heard comments from participants asking for even organizers to provide "more to do" along the route. Image via Go Albert
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