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Another Deadline for Related Cos

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The Grand Avenue Authority, the body that helps oversee the proposed maybe-gonna-happen Grand Avenue housing and retail project in downtown, has set numerous many deadlines (and then granted extensions), and today, comes another deadline. The authority is asking Related to break ground on its planned apartment tower that will rise near the museum by October 2012 and break ground on the condo tower by 2016, according to the Downtown News. Related California President's Bill Witte tells the paper of that first date for the apartment tower: “It’s not financed yet but we are going to move forward on it. I think it’s not unrealistic.” You can see the apartment site as Tower 2 in this image. When plans for the Eli Broad museum were announced earlier this year, there was talk that the plaza would be extended to replace the condo tower, but now plans for the condo tower are apparently back. [Downtown News]