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Long Beach's New Parking Meters to Phase Out Quarter-Hunting

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Today, Long Beach installed eight new multi-space solar-powered meters on downtown streets that allow people to use their smartphones to make payments, reports the Long Beach Post. Part of a pilot program, each meter covers four spots each and allows payment through a free downloadable app (you can still pay with coins and debit cards). Additional pleasures include e-mail and text notices that your meter is about to run out, allowing you to simply pay from your phone instead of racing like a lunatic back to your car (LA's solar meters are not app-enabled as of yet). Would the logical next technological step be meters that, after noting you're out of time, take pictures of your license plate and give you a ticket without the aid of a meter maid? Image by nathanstoner via flickr
· High-tech Parking Meters Debut as Part of Pilot Program Downtown [LB Post]