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Ixnay On Wyvernwood, Says Boyle Heights City Councilman

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While the environmental impact report on the Wyvernwood housing and retail project isn't even out yet, City Councilman Jose Huizar is coming out swinging against the proposed 70-acre Boyle Height project. First announced back in 2008, developer Miami-based Fifteen Group, wants to replace 1,000 apartments with new housing, retail, and towers--all on a 70-acre campus, according to the Los Angeles Times. And for of you not sure how the development process happens in LA, the paper spells it out for us:

"Huizar's views are significant because the council typically defers to the wishes of individual members when it comes to real estate projects in their districts."

Huizar's statements yesterday drew praise from the Los Angeles Conservancy Executive Director Linda Dishman, who said this about preservation. The Conservancy also tweeted their thanks to Huizar later in the day.

But Fifteen Group executives defended the project, saying the project would provide temporary and permanent jobs, and that residents could move into these new rental units after their current apartments are torn down, according to the paper. Some residents also want the project: '"Wyvernwood resident Erica Guerrero said Fifteen Group's proposal would replace buildings plagued by crime and poor plumbing. "They're going to make a better Boyle Heights overall,' she said." You can find out more about the project and the 24-story tower some residents fear via its official site.
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