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Hold Up! Silver Lake Meadow Officially Opening Tomorrow

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While there's been back and forth about the exact date of the opening of the Silver Lake Meadow, a three-acre grassy spot near the reservoir, TOMORROW at NOON is the official opening, City Councilman Eric Garcetti's office announced today. Judging from the photos passed on to Curbed today, some people are already enjoying themselves some meadow action. And as explained before, the Meadow is like parts of New York's Central Park--this is a quiet park, so no sports are allowed.

Anyone watching the history of the Meadow, knows its proposal caused controversy between homeowners who wanted the public area expanded (a nearby park could help home prices, they said!) and those who were worried crowds would take over the area (it's Dodgeball day or soccer day at the Meadow! Ach!) There were also worries about encroaching on the coyotes' space, but a portion of the Meadow was excluded from the park and is behind the fence, with a clump of junipers set aside for the animals to breed. As for the grass of the Meadow, we've heard worries from locals that the green stuff looks too...fake. A local, who asked to remain anonymous, explains: "There is some concern that it's typical heavy-duty turf, not the more natural-looking Meadow grass, with subtle berms in the grading of the landscape. It does increase the concern that the Meadow will become a ball playing field, and we're working to make sure that doesn't happen." No playing croquet in the Meadow, coyotes!
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Silver Lake Meadow (North Gate)

2270-2298 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90039