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Ballerinas at the Grove, High-Low in Larchmont, Shopping Chinatown

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FAIRFAX: When you think ballet-themed psychological thrillers, you think the Grove, right? The mall brought in a giant music box and real live ballerinas this week for the "Black Swan" DVD release. The fans came out in costume.

LARCHMONT VILLAGE: The newly-opened Ampersand Boutique in Larchmont Village is a consignment shop where the inventory "literally changes every day." When Racked visited, they found stuff from "Prada, Louboutin, Dior all the way through H&M and Target." There was even some Jean Paul Gaultier sharing a rack with JPG for Target.

CHINATOWN: Here's Racked's guide to post-dim sum shopping in Old Chinatown Plaza--they tell you where to find the best jade bangles, the Pucci-esque tunics, and the custom-made qi pao.
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