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Pasadena's Art Center College of Design Is In Expansion Mode

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Pasadena's Art Center College of Design wants to expand its downtown campus, a move that would see this satellite campus "equal the hilltop campus in Linda Vista," according to the Pasadena Star News. Under the expansion plans, the college would buy a U.S. Post Office-owned building, a structure located at 870 S. Raymond Ave. Via the Art Center College of Design: "The building, on the market for $7.2 million, would provide "larger, raw, industrial fabrication space" where inter-disciplinary teams of designers, engineers and others could build actual car prototypes, [President Lorne Buchman] said. A fund-raising effort is planned raise $45 million for the project. Image via PSN
· Art Center unveils new five-year plan, major boost to downtown campus [Pasadena Star News]