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Just Try to Keep Your Wits About You in Woodland Hills

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This four bedroom house in Woodland Hills is so off in parts that it has a disorienting, down the rabbit hole effect. You think you're looking at any old oddly-arranged, double-height living room decorated in "Venetian Plaster Paints," then out of the corner of your eye you realize there's a huge water feature/terrarium hiding underneath a red staircase, and a clock hanging off a pole next to an arrow pointing into a corner. Or the superfluous-looking wood beams in the bedroom distract you into thinking the jacuzzi next to the bed isn't at all out of the ordinary. And maybe all of that keeps you from realizing for way too long that the entire rest of the place is painted yellow and red. That's a lot of bewilderment for $1.14 million.
· 22700 MULHOLLAND Dr [Redfin]