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How Banksy Helped Locals Kick a Squatter Off Land Next to the PCH

[Left via Palisadian-Post, right via Banksy]

Remember that Banksy piece on the PCH that looked a bit like an elephant (the mysterious British street artist had painted "This looks a bit like an elephant" on it)? It's off to be sold to the highest bidder now, but someone had been kind of using it. Via Melrose&Fairfax, a September 2010 article in the Palisadian-Post says that "Tachowa Covington, whose nickname is 'Rollerball,' has been living for about seven years in a construction shed and a watertank along Pacific Coast Highway, near the mouth of Potrero Canyon. He calls the shed his office, which until a recent fire had included a television, a sofa, a chair and a steel desk containing pictures, paperwork and a Bible." Rollerball told the paper that the land was his via squatter's rights, but local groups had been trying to clean up the PCH and wanted his buildings razed. The shed caught fire in September (no cause was determined), and now the water tank is gone, with the Independent reporting that the landowner plans to sell it.
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