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Bad Comedy Central Shoot Ruins Filming For All of Los Feliz Estates

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In February 2010, the Comedy Central show "Nick Swardson's Pretend Time" shot in tiny Los Feliz Estates. The producers "parked where they shouldn't have and brought in more than twice as many trucks as promised," smoked near inflammable generator trucks, and paid either half or none of the customary (but not required) donation to the homeowners association. The HOA board was so fed up, reports the LA Times, that it scrutinized its rules and decided that filming violated a prohibition against commercial use of properties. In a follow-up neighborhood referendum, a majority voted to bring back filming with restrictions, but the measure didn't clear the 98 vote minimum to actually change the rules. Los Feliz Estates, which has about 200 residences, has hosted fewer than a dozen shoots since 2008, according to the LAT, but while the ban might not have a huge practical effect, permitting body Film LA doesn't seem pleased--president Paul Audley tells the paper "this kind of fodder to those who try to find excuses to leave L.A. and take their business elsewhere." There is, naturally, "talk of a lawsuit" from homeowners who say they've lost revenue.
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