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Field Operations' Santa Monica Parks Gain Artist, Lose Names

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The Santa Monica Civic Center Parks formerly known as Palisades Garden Walk and Town Square don't have names anymore, according to the Santa Monica Mirror, but they do have pretty firm bathroom plans, so who's complaining? Landscape architects Field Operations presented new designs for the seven acres between the 10, Town Hall, Olympic, and Ocean at last week's fourth and final community workshop. This batch really gets down to the good stuff, with lots of details on furniture, lighting, and bathrooms, plus more play areas. Field Ops principal James Corner told the meeting that the parks will be getting an art piece by MacArthur genius Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle and that they'll be full of plants that change with the seasons "to create a park that is different from month to month." New names for the sites were discussed, but not decided on.

Field Ops is still taking feedback on the project's website, but soon the designs will head for city, coastal commission, and architectural review board approval. The landmarks commission will also have to sign off on the city hall park. If everything goes according to plan, construction should start in spring 2012.
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