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Citywide Graffiti Database Launches to Prosecute Perps

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Hoping to cut into the $10 million the city pays to remove graffiti every year, LA officials are launching a graffiti database so taggers can be tracked and more easily prosecuted, reports the LA Weekly. Clean-up crews will take photos of the graffiti with smartphones and transmit the images to a database called TAGRS (Tracking Automated Graffiti System). The Weekly says the system already exists in Van Nuys (which shared its system with Orange County's database, oddly enough), but will expand to the LAPD's Hollenbeck, Harbor and Central Divisions--a press release from the Councilman Jose Huizar's office says the new system makes it possible for all 21 police divisions to eventually utilize a single tagging database. "The LAPD will use those photographs to gather evidence that will be submitted for prosecution by the Los Angeles County District Attorney when an individual causes more than $1,000 in damages," according to Huizar's office. Image via
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