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AECOM Wins Contract for Downtown Connector Line

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After campaigning for it, design firm AECOM has won the contract to the plan the short rail line that will link up the Gold, Blue, and Expo Lines around 2019 (and provide transfer-less trips from Santa Monica to East LA, and Long Beach to Pasadena). A press release, via the San Francisco Chronicle, says AECOM, as part of a joint venture, will receive $21.5 million to “provide planning and engineering services for the Regional Connector Transit Corridor,” which will run about two miles under downtown and create three or four new stations (the project is eligible for federal funds next year). AECOM helped design Loyola Marymount's circular library, the LAPD headquarters, and the Gold Line Eastside Extension, and is designing the Gold Line Foothill Extension basket bridge. According to an October profile on AECOM in the Downtown News, the firm’s 920 downtown employees are also working on two Bay Area high-speed rail stations, planning for the Fashion District, and the proposal to cap the 101 freeway in downtown and throw a park on top.
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