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Shopping Habits By 'Hood, Free YSL, Fashion at the Museum, More

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[Image via Shop it to Me]

HOLLYWOOD/BEL AIR/BEV HILLS: A totally unscientific study of which neighborhoods favor which brands has somewhat predictable results, reports Racked: Hollywood goes for Victoria's Secret and Steve Madden, and there's "a big distinction between old-school Beverly Hills (the 90210) and Bel Air: those in the 90210 favor a combination of old-fashioned (Gucci, Ralph Lauren) and flashy (Juicy Couture, Guess), while the Bel Air residents favor newer, spendier brands."

BEVERLY HILLS: Tom Ford's opened a new store on Rodeo and it's decked out in marble and dark wood, with "a funhouse-style mirrored spiral staircase." You probably won't have any "Big"-style fun with that, though, with the receptionist sitting there watching you.

WEHO/SAMO/BEV HILLS: Duck and cover if you're at the Santa Monica Pier, Sunset Plaza, or on Rodeo this weekend when YSL starts handing out its free, limited-edition canvas tote bags and YSL Manifesto booklet. With only 2,000 for the city, things will probably get a little crazy.

DOWNTOWN, ETC.: There're tons of fashion-focused museum shows opening all over this spring and Racked rounds them up, from the very buzzy Rodarte show debuting today at MOCA to a flight attendant style exhibition up in Seattle.
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