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Zoltan Pali's Glassy Nightingale Residence in the Bird Streets

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This past weekend the AIA/LA opened up four houses for its first spring home tour, "East and West of 405." Join us inside the last house, Zoltan Pali and Dugally-Oberfeld Builders' Nightingale Residence in the Bird Streets.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels The Nightingale Residence, by architect Zoltan Pali and builder Dugally Oberfeld, is a more modest alternative to its neighbor, Pali's 10,000 square foot Oberfeld Residence. Nightingale is just one story with a small basement level, but it takes a similar shape to the Oberfeld, keeping a blankish face toward the street and opening up around a big backyard (and providing killer views). Pali writes: "the bird streets are a cacophony of fairly noisy architectural styles. We wanted to be clean and quiet, yet be needed, add some presence on the street. We also wanted to be friendly neighbors, not block any views, and stay low to the ground. Finally, we wanted the interior of the property to be embraced by the geometry of the house." The Nightingale came on the market last November, asking $13.7 million.
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