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EATALY May Be Coming to LA, City Tavern Opening, Mother Dough in Los Feliz

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Shot of EATALY in LA
LOS ANGELES: Eater is full of ALL CAPs due to the excitement that EATALY IS COMING TO LA!!!!! They write: "Partner Joe Bastianich (restaurateur, vineyard owner, partner to Mario Batali) has been in town lately (substantiated by his Twitter feed), and in fact, he recently sat down to dinner with an Eater operative. To this individual he revealed plans to open Eataly in Los Angeles, saying he had a space already picked out around the West Hollywood area." Stay tuned.

CULVER CITY: Eater gets an inside peek at Rush Street's City Tavern, a dark and slightly gritty watering hole that's looking like the perfect place to down a pint. It opens on April 4.

LOS FELIZ: Does Los Feliz need more pizza? That's amore, yes, it does! Mother Dough opened on March 22. "The menu offers just five pizzas ($15-$19), most of which are topped with the prized tomatoes of San Marzano (in Campania) and buffalo mozzarella, plus prosciutto or sausage or zucchini. To drink, Italian vino and assorted beers."
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